Some before pictures

Matt and I have been working so hard on the cottage. The majority of it has been just us. (We had an HVAC contractor put in the furnace and A/C, and due to past experience, we had a general contractor do drywall around the furnace, and take down the load bearing wall.)

If you are seeing this, I’m guessing you’ve been given the link, so you are visiting soon. We just really want to show you the progress we’ve made, without having you sit through a time-sharesque presentation during your visit! HA! (Also be sure to watch Ellie’s description of the signal that we texted to you.)

We’ll likely tell you about all of the things we are still planning on doing, so I’ll save that for your visit. But we’ve mostly completed “Phase 1”, we still need to finish our epoxy countertops and new LVW flooring. Depending on when you come – it might be done!

Before Pictures